are the UK’s largest gay product suppliers, and SableCraft supplied a complete system for managing their own blog with a design complementary to the original eCommerce store.

Using a custom-built responsive design, based upon the flexible and well supported Bootstrap framework, the Clonezone blog becomes usable on any sized device, from phone, tablet and laptop to today’s 1080 HD desktop systems. Using a mobile first methodology ensures that even when viewed on the smaller screen, the site remains easy to use and read.

The Clonezone blog aims to be the go-to place for news about Clonezone stores and gay products, as well as providing the Gay community with relevant topical news. To this end careful attention to SEO has been implemented.

From basic SEO such as allowing full meta data management within admin and optimised page construction, to advanced techniques such as implementation of RDFa breadcrumbs to assist search engines in mapping the site’s hierarchy.  Implementing all this with a “user first” approach to make sure the site is first and foremost readable by people. This approach of ensuring that the site is firstly an authoritative source of information for users, means that whatever updates are made to algorithms of the major search engines sites will sill rank well. As I’ve said before present good content well and rankings will follow naturally.

Most importantly ongoing support has enabled Clonezone staff to learn how to use and manage their system themselves. This is vital if the blog is to remain up to date and a relevant source of news.

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