These public Bukkit plugins we’ve made for Minecraft servers are just the tip of the iceburg and give a feel as the scope that we can create in private plugins for you.

From simple but highly specialised plugins, to RPG ass ons, full blown APIs, and specialising is integrations with your websites and forums, if you need an addon for your bukkit server we can make it.


LegendQuest is a RPG plugin for MineCraft servers using the Bukkit API.

Created to power RPG servers, with it players are able to become heroes and shape their character with a wide range of races, classes and skills.

LegendQuest is designed from the beginning to be completely configurable, highly flexible, and totally adaptable to your needs. Consisting of a system of configurable races, classes and skills. LegendQuest is at the core of your servers RPG setup, and powers all your RPG elements.

Server owners have the option of completely customising their RPG setup. Want to go fantasy Tolkien style? Setup Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarfs and Hobbit races, with fighter, mage, bard, ranger and more classes. Want a modern setting? Turn of races, and setup classes for mercenary, merchant, soldier, etc. Want a more classic MineCraft feel – Make races for Human, Ender, Wither and Pigmen. And classes for miner, farmer, hunter, crafter…

It’s your RPG experience – your way.

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This simple but invaluable Bukkit plugin for Minecraft servers lets you know the damage you just caused to a mob (including other players), and how much health it has left.

Mob Health has a range of useful options including:

  • Control over how messages are shown
  • When messages are shown
  • When messages are *not* shown (a useful feature!)
  • Exactly what is displayed – including your own custom messages…

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