LegendQuest is a RPG plugin for MineCraft servers using the Bukkit API.

Created to power ImagiCraft’s MMORPG server, with it players are able to become heroes and shape their character with a wide range of races, classes and skills.

LegendQuest is designed from the beginning to be completely configurable, highly flexible, and totally adaptable to your needs. Consisting of a system of configurable races, classes and skills. LegendQuest is at the core of your servers RPG setup, and powers all your RPG elements.

Server owners have the option of completely customising their RPG setup. Want to go fantasy Tolkien style? Setup Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarfs and Hobbit races, with fighter, mage, bard, ranger and more classes. Want a modern setting? Turn of races, and setup classes for mercenary, merchant, soldier, etc. Want a more classic MineCraft feel – Make races for Human, Ender, Wither and Pigmen. And classes for miner, farmer, hunter, crafter…

It’s your RPG experience – your way.

As characters gain experience, they can gain more skills. Either unlocking skills as they level up – or by earning skill points to choose the skills they want. Its up to you the server owner which system to use, you can even mix and match both.

More importantly, each class and race can have limits placed on allowed, weapons, tools, armour and “abilities” such as crafting, smelting, enchanting, repairing etc…

Full information, details and project help can be found on the LegendQuest BukkitDev project page.

Source code available atthe GitHub LegendQuest Repository.

2 Responses to “LegendQuest”

  1. Pete

    Any way I could get some sample class configuration files? other than the four default ones I need to understand them more clearly before I can make my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great job on this plugin also bought your addons

    • Sable

      Yeah, the current 4 classes are dire.. I’m working on replacements.

      In the meantime i’ll send over some more samples.


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