This simple but invaluable Bukkit plugin for Minecraft servers lets you know the damage you just caused to a mob (including other players), and how much health it has left.

Mob Health has a range of useful options including:

  • Control over how messages are shown
  • When messages are shown
  • When messages are *not* shown (a useful feature!)
  • Exactly what is displayed – including your own custom messages…

And as of version 6 MobHealth now has it’s most requested feature – Health-Bars above each Mob.

See the plugins home page on dev.bukkit for more info.

Got API?

MobHealth now has 100% more API included!

You can trigger damage notifications, if your plugin adds skills or spells for example. And far more usefully – you can query MobHealth to get the current health and max health of any Mob, regardless of which plugin is responsible for tracking it.

Think of it as Vault for mob health levels…  You code for one plugin – I sort out the mess behind the scenes.

See the API page on dev.bukkit for more info.

Dev Builds

You can now get Dev Builds of MobHealth on our continuous integration server. Just point your browser at

You can also see the latest source code here:

Around the Web

You can read MobHealth’s Mod spotlight at curse:
Curse spotlight

And you can see MobHealth in action here…

Thanks to WoopaGaming for the video.

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